My goal is to help empower you through a wound or conflict you’re having internally.

The techniques I use are a mix of practices from various systems. They include the following :

  1. Energy body calibration – If you feel like your instincts are unclear, and there’s a constant struggle between two minds, this practice has a track record of alleviating that easily and quickly.
  2. Clearing of Curses or Negative Energies / Entities – A deeply involved working. Can be performed in person or remotely. Sometimes takes 45 minutes or 3 hours.
  3. Clearing of trapped energies in the body – Beyond performing the work, I’ll teach you techniques to self-manage your energy body’s ‘hygiene’.
  4. Channeling / Ritual downloads – For the more energetically-experienced among you, I share a ‘recipe’ that if you perform will access a higher level of energetic integration for you. Very often, this opens up a new level to your gifts and increases the amount of energy you can hold within you.
  5. Soul readings / Energy Readings – Reading your energetic body to inform you of where you’re headed and what’s in store for you in the realm of what you are already tuned to. Consider it a weather report on your present energetic state and the people around you, where your energy is pointing you to, and what tangible actions you can take to alter or capitalize on it.
  6. Individual rituals and ceremonies for specific results – If you need help channeling energy toward a need or goal, this is a working that will help achieve that. 
  7. Guided Spirit Healing – I guide you to your own healing if you have no idea what you need (most popular and effective).

In each case, a number of these techniques are combined per the individual. Sometimes people will ask for a specific one.

My method for performing these works is to empower and guide the recipient through their own realizations and transformation. 


If you simply want a reading, I do those at a rate of $2 a minute and can do those remote or in person.