Hi folks.

This one keeps coming up in conversations so I’ll share it here. This was a discovery made observing what worked in myself and then in others I witnessed.

A lot of belief systems – I mean general ‘life’ ones – seem to drive the idea that when you’ve found an underlaying issue, or thing controlling your behavior under the hood, that the most effective and efficient approach is to laser focus into it, and zap it out, rip it out from the roots, commit it to firey death and so on…

Ripping out a root, violently

When I first started, this approach made the most sense. It was helping to embody the value of courage, which is often aligned with aggression in movies, driving forward toward a goal by attacking it head on. Focused, deliberate, aggressive and powerful.

Thing is, stored energies in the body are more complicated than a cause and effect problem like, a stain on a tile floor, or ripping out weeds with your hands.

Stored energies can behave multi-layered, dynamic, adaptable and complex – like a living intelligence and / or person.


From someone new to being on the sufferer’s end, heavy energies can feel like tightness, soreness, razor sharp pain, recurring pain, something sore where you were once injured, numbness, excessive stiffness or excessive heat. Sometimes a combination of these things.

If the person carrying the heavy energy decides to observe it – meaning just to experience and log the physical sensations, such as pulsing, throbbing, heat, mild heat, cooling, numbness, switching temperature, pulsating, pinching, stabbing, prickling, etc… It will transform with continual observation and eventually either dissipate, move elsewhere in the body or lead them to a deeper connective feeling or idea.

If they get hungry / aggressive with it and want to drill down into it, they effectively put their mind into hunter mode and try to chase the bugger down with that strange self-improvement version of a bloodlust…

…and get nowhere.

Sometimes, you get some intellectual food from that approach, but overall, I’ve never successfully cleared something deep, with the hunter’s mindset.

Over time, I learned that a stored energy / pain / emotion is better understood this way:

How many of you have had a scared pet or small human go to hide under a thing?

How many of you have tried to coax them out with gifts / bribes / treats?

How many of you have given up on that trick and then gone for the “shove a stick in there, and behind them so they’re forced out”?

How many of you have only been consistently successful by simply being patient, figuring out what they want, giving them safety and letting them come out on their own timing?

In my experience, treating trapped energy like a kid, or small animal who’s unsafe, hiding, needing safety and established trust is the only way that consistently succeeds at this.

It didn’t make much sense to me why it was working so well, and of course the only ‘proof’ I can give anyone desiring evidence is anecdotal through self work and client work.

However, I’ve formulated a speculative model that at least gives it a sense of being understandable, in a way you can try it on yourselves anfd see how far you get…


In the Shaman traditions, your coping mechanics can be seen and defined as spirits. One popular coping mechanism I’ve seen is designed to protect someone from suspected bully energies. It works like this:

When the suspicion of bullying or domineering control of any kind is on, the person with the coping mechanism starts a train of thought, linked to a pattern of behavior designed to be ‘protective’. This design was formulated at the awareness level of a child, so as its full character unravels, it can appear very childish to a viewer.

This pattern of belief into thought into action… gains momentum and force, and gives the defender full authority within, to completely flip, bend reality, makes up stories, and so on. They can even try to pin events to happen so their story toward you is more dramatic, and does their damnedest to make the suspected bully look like a movie villain.

This mechanism is designed to avoid pain, but designed during a time when the pain was SO LOUD. And the abuser was so violent and scary to this person, also inspiring feelings complete powerlessness. Their mental dialogue to themselves is a state of complete fear and lack of ability to empower themselves, inspiring them to gain that power back with desperation and the rocket fuel. The inner dialogue might look like this:

“Oh no. It’s happening again. I can’t let them do this anymore! I won’t allow it! I’ll show them! Look! There’s their hypocrisy! There’s their lies! They weak and I see it! I’ll show them! I’ll show everyone! They won’t hurt me again!!!”


So with this in mind, consider that the heavy energy ‘trapped’ in the body, matches the energy of the personality that created it.


“the heavy energy ‘trapped’ in the body, matches the energy of the personality that created it.”

To release this energy, you need to connect with that energy as if a personality, and give it what it needed back then – which is comfortably close to what you need in the present. Convenient!

If it felt disempowered and abused, give it love, gentle trust and freedom. If it felt ignored and unloved, give it acceptance and ears to vent.

Sounds simple?

It is. Much tougher to do on yourself, as you have to be able to see it and know it first, and be comfortable talking to yourself as if you are multiple spirits in the same body, but there it is.

Once you’re able to see your issues in this way, it becomes much easier to work with them to transform the energy and heal it within you.

So what methods exist help clear these energies from the body?

PART 2 coming soon…