It’s a short and important list…

1. HYDRATE : Drinking a lot of water helps the most post-energy work. Usually double your normal amount. Your body works harder after energy work no matter the source, and water is something it tends to lose more of (emotions and water tend to work hand in hand).

More often than not, people need more water after this kind of work. If you add electrolytes (squirt of lemon plus pinch of himalayan / celtic salt, plus very tiny pinch of something sweet), you’ll hydrate more deeply with less water volume.

2. RELEASE : You may have had some heavy emotional resonances or releases. Coughing, burping, yawning, fleming, crying, vomiting, weeping, etc…That’s expected. It helps individuals the most, to give the releases the space and freedom they need,without fear / judgement. A typical pattern to be aware of, is the moment of upset rising about a subject matter that has re-emerged for the 12th+ time.

Instead of embodying judgmental thought and feeling around it, let that upset-ness fully present itself, and treat it as if it’s a child who needs space to just be as they are. The state will be temporary, it’ll pass through and you’ll feel more relaxed, at peace and safe with this approach.For more depth on that idea, this article will help…

3. SPACE FOR INTEGRATION : If you’ve had a major release that felt heavy / devastating, stay away from triggering situations / picking up phone-calls / emails from people who have the red buttons. Also, sloooow dooooown.

You may need some extra time and space to be present, as heavy releases can feel jarring and shocking, despite the cathartic nature.If you are feeling raw, it’s best to give space to recuperate. A few days if possible. If you cannot do this due to 9-5 work logistics, then practice being present in your emotions and energies throughout the day.

Focus your mind on being present and non judgmental to yourself, when these challenging feelings arise during those interactions – priming yourself for that is helpful. Being still with the sensations as if they are simply messages and nothing else… and knowing they will pass… is the key.

4. REST : Rest as you need! And a bath in some salt (Himalayan has a higher electrolyte content apparently) helps.

5. TRUST : Your intuition is likely well-primed afterward. It will likely know what you need to eat, drink, how much, when, and even when to sleep. It may seem out of sync with your typical routine. That’s ok. If you’re in a position to trust your intuition and act upon it perfectly, it is highly valuable that you do.

6. EARTH : If you feel wonky and exhausted after, sometimes it’s a symptom of having not been energetically attuned before. To alleviate this discomfort, it helps to get barefoot in some nature and take a few minutes to stand and do some deep breathing cycles, visualizing any remaining heaviness in the body leaving out of your feet. The Ocean is pretty good for this too, if you feel the pull there.


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