A few highlights :

  1. 4th generational healer (mum, great uncle, great great uncle).
  2. Parent to 8 animals across my lifetime.
  3. Currently traveling to learn as much as I can in the world’s attitudes and traditions in healing and energy.

I want to share a little about why this exists and who I am.

This website and service is a culmination of my wanting make something that combined a fascination what’s known as ‘energy work’ in tangible, repeatable forms, and my background in video game design, which taught me how to systemize observations in a way that can be shared easily with others. For now, this site serves as a way to connect with me and book time with me in this context. Later, there will be videos, writings and so on.

I became fascinated with energy work when I was first exposed to Shaolin Monks balancing on spear-tips using their throats. Since then, I’ve devoured what knowledge I could and studied as many techniques as I could across the healing modalities of the energy work spectrum. This is in aim of gaining an understanding that boils the work down to repeatable mechanics and grounded, repeatable theory.

Eventually, I’d like to employ scientific study to the aspects harder to make repeatable. In energy work, my practice has led me more commonly to ‘awaken’ others through healing work, reads, rituals and repeated teachings. My background in video game design taught my brain to look at systems in existence and reverse analyze them so that they could be abstracted and rebuilt. I’ve used this gift to do the same with the healing and energy work modalities I’ve had exposure to. I now feel that it’s time to share this knowledge with others. I plan to share these lessons in video and written form in the near future. For now, this site exists mostly to connect people to the energy work I facilitate.


Magic Mechanic aka Dan