This group has changed for June. We’re now offering two sessions a week; one for U.S timezone comforts, and the other, for UK timezone needs. Times of event are:

8pm Pacific Standard Time
4am British Standard Time
8:30am Bali Time

11am Pacific Standard Time
7pm British Standard Time
11:30pm Bali Time

It runs 3 hours max and we go DEEP. At the end, the class gets a private, digital copy of the class for their own reference, available for download for only 48 hours.

Here’s a link to the UK and U.S classes – alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 4 weeks in June:

What do we do in these classes?

Theme changes weekly, and it’s beginner friendly, but we stretch you so you leave more empowered and confident with your gifts than when you came in.

We mix practical exercises, some theory, and some variety in tools so participants feel worked out. Frankly, it’s a great setup, I love doing it and I can see in the reactions of participants that they love taking part.

Past workshops have included the following subjects:

  • Fundamental Ritual Basics
  • Empath challenges and how to use the base Empath skills
  • How to remote read someone, beginner and adept techniques
  • Self Healing techniques and how to guide your own self-healing work

Future workshops to come : I am looking to incorporate more advanced techniques and ideas through a ‘series’ format. If you have requests, message me and let me know…

Bring a notepad, some good internet and a bottle of water for hydration.