“I have traveled the world to heal parts of my soul that were broken when I was a young child. I lived in India, I have traveled to Peru many times. I’ve been to the heart of Guatemala and all over Asia.  My work with Daniel genuinely and profoundly changed my life. He gave me some at home exercises after our first session with each other. Initially I resisted the sessions, but after a few weeks I knew I had to do it. I have to say the work somehow hit the nail on the head, of something I have been looking for- for a very long time. I feel like a changed person and I want to say thank you to Dan for the work that he did.  He’s respectful, professional and thorough. I would recommend him 100%.”

Anna Keppen
Shamanic Healer

“Daniel’s a warm and inspiring soul. He took a gentle and meditative approach guided me inward to meet my tender spots and allowed me to great them with understanding and compassion. With Daniel’s support, I was able to feel my how my own power and my own light could protect and mend the tender spots within.”

Gaia Ma
Transformational Healer

“Dan’s ability to connect to the energetic body and read with ease was very evident, the possibilities of outcomes and the wisdom of his words allowed participants to feel understood and supported. Dan readings and rituals with me have been insightful and his predictions have come to pass. I can highly recommend Dan’s services you will not be disappointed.”

Kim Alexis
Psychic-Spiritual Medium

“Daniel’s approach is deeply transformative. He guided me to recognise and move slowly into emotional blockages and to release them, leaving me with a deep sense of relief and the feeling that from now on, I will move on through life lighter and freer. It changed my relationship to energies and spirituality for good.”

Elodie Labonne

“Dan was really amazingly on point in so many ways! He gave me the most eye-opening psychic reading I’ve ever received. He’s very intuitive, has a good sense of humor and genuinely cares about the well being of his clients.”

Television and Radio Host – Anonymity requested.

“Daniel’s work takes place in subtle areas, invisible and difficult to verbalize the actions, but still very noticeable. It is able to balance energies, make you feel grounded and at the same time open to the cosmos mind. After the therapeutic session, I felt calm and saturated, as if all my best qualities were more powerful and all the problems dissolve. I highly recommend his work, it is certainly non-routine and unusual experience and meeting with an interesting man.”

Anna Patrini
Musical Artist

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