I made this page to honor all those I learned key techniques or lessons from, also, those I feel deserve some credit for this whole thing existing.

These are people I’ve learned from in short moments or long term learner relationships.

Some of my work has been influenced by these people considerably. Feel free to explore them. In some cases, it won’t be obvious. I’m sharing simply as it feels right to point to the people who’ve helped me get here be it through direct or abstract means.

Pasco David : Skilled teacher of Wing Chun Kung Fu from the Victor Kan lineage

Desmond Spencer : Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu from various teachers from the Ip Man lineage, specifically crediting Wong Shun Leung

Griffin Ced : Master of Ancient British traditional witchcraft techniques

Carrie Wolf : Master of Ancient British traditional witchcraft techniques

Shaman Durek : Masterful teacher of Neo-shamanistic techniques, and old world principles

Samaya Behrens : Multi-skilled master of Kundalini yoga, breathwork and trauma healing

Kim Alexis : Talented, healer and master of psychic and mediumship tools

Ersilia Erjocan : Great teacher of Toltec shamanism concepts and techniques

Keia Lavine : Overall multi-skilled shamanic practitioner and wise woman

Jill Purce : Great teacher and master of Tibetan shamanism techniques

Rupert Sheldrake : Science and spiritualism

Deborah Stellamaris : Energy work master

Gaia Ma : Tantra mastery

Arianne Labyrinth : Mystery school teachings

Veronica Ciandre : Detail-oriented master of the affirmation

Cynthia Alex : Great fine art photography, branding and web design

Light Portal Ceremony : Powerful group energy clearing, birthed in Tulum, hosted by Jose Luis and Ina Rafai

Kim Alexis : A powerful psychic reader, medium and healer, based in the UK.

Jason Schmidt : Powerfully gifted remote reader

Hope Dominguez : Ordained Priestess of the Yoruban traditions.