I’ve been fascinated by the esoteric since I was 5. Beyond watching my mum come up with strange remedies for me when I was sick, and hearing her predict ominous events in the family before they’d happen. As a kid, I would watch kung fu movies, play video games, and fantasize about being able to do larger-than-life things, outside of the rules dictated toward us by schools, movies, preachers and politics. However, I retained a certain amount of practical skepticism, due to going to school at a Church-run personal hell.

Eventually, as an adult, I would continue to explore the world of ancient mind-body techniques aside my day to day career (multi award-winning video game designer and producer) and landed myself in a series of events – including battles with mental and mortal health – fiercely shaking my world view with regards to what ‘real’ and practical would mean to me in years to come.

On the other side of these events, my understanding of how the emotional mind, the world and our relationships work had completely changed. I’d realized science as we refer to it in the dogmatic form, had it’s limits, and ‘true’ science wasn’t being practiced toward these thousands-of-years-old ideas.

I decided to throw myself into the world of ancient healing, mysticism, spirit communication and associated strangeness, whole-heartedly, to see it all with my own senses.

However, my urge toward the practical was challenged. Some practitioners and students of this world had whimsical, wholesale bought views handed to them from others. Some were frauds or wannabe cult leaders. Some were simply clueless. Some were true masters, or otherwise brilliant and I work with them today.

As part of my education, I made it my interest to form my own theories, experiment with them, challenge them, and continue to refine them.

In this interest, I noticed patterns among all the esoteric systems; truths under the hood. Or if you’re a computer programmer, the binary language (universal truths) running under the main operating systems (the designed systems).

My interest shifted to finding out these universal truths, challenging everything and only using what would produce repeatable results; furthermore, being able to teach these ideas to others, quickly, clearly and with a sense of mechanical reliability (per my mechanical design process from my video game design background). And this is where the Magick Mechanic name comes from.

I shy away from the word ‘spiritual’ as I disregard its connotations. While I believe in and connect with what I experience to be spirit(s) and energies, this is not an exclusive, elitist, holier-than-though escapade reserved for monks or ‘the pure’.

‘Spirituality’ as I’ve known it, is the dedicated art of evolving through facing your demons, and learning the many ways to enrich your living experience, by finding your personal, truest self. That’s it. You already have a religion? Good. It’s still valid. You don’t care for religion or deities? Also good. Still valid.

Finally; my specialities…

I help people through; readings, remote viewings, performing a clearing, guiding a self-clearing, teaching techniques, teaching structure and theory, connecting to spirits, house clearings, wards, the closing of vacuums or portals, and probably some other bits I forgot. I started this work privately for friends and family very sparingly. In 2018 I began providing these services publicly and have yet to want to stop.


The Magick Mechanic aka Daniel