The Emotional Digestive System Self-Healing Mastery Workshop

Next Event : May 19th

May 19th – Online. 

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  • $75USD for all 5 parts.
  • $30USD Parts 4-5 only (for previous students who partook in parts 1-3).
  • Recording will be provided for all attendees.

This self-healing workshop has been a popular addition and is continuing to be taught in person and online the world over.

Specifically built around allowing people to experience the model known as The Emotional Digestive System, developed by Daniel through years of study and self-experimentation, this system requires no advanced knowledge whatsoever. 

This workshop series teaches a person how their body works in the context of emotional processing and releasing, in a manner which is simple to understand and experience. By the end of the series, the person is able to share and use this technique with another person, easily, empowering their own relationship with themselves, and those with their kids, friends, lovers and otherwise.

Theory, demonstration and basic techniques

This is the foundational piece.

We establish your understanding the principles of “The Emotional Digestive System”; a model Daniel developed from the time where he had to fix his emotional system from a corrupted state, combined of learnings taken from Shamanism and other systems.

This model shares how the body stores emotions as energies, and how to very easily witness and release them from the physical body in a direct, simple to grasp manner.

Anyone can take this course. No other knowledge is necessary. 

Deep techniques

A deeper dive to engage the energies using techniques that increase efficiency.

Short, sweet and powerful techniques anyone can learn for identifying and overcoming specific patterns and challenges, bypasses, distractions and diversions.

More details pertaining to which areas of the body are linked to specific energies, how to figure it out yourself, and how to be at peace with them.

This module requires that you have completed Part 1

Technique mastery and Group Practice

This is a dominant practical module where practitioners get to experience the technique guided by one another.

This is a live practice deep dive.

Info on the Shamanic Wounds and sources of conflict.

This module requires that you have all attended previous parts.

Advanced Conflict – Inside and Out

How to give yourself what you need after breaking through some of the heavier stuff. Techniques, ideas and group exercises.

This module requires that you have all attended previous parts.

Quick tools to figure out the real stuff under the hood. Plus depth in connecting all the dots to transmute stuff easily.

This module requires that you have all attended previous parts.