Today we learned 5 key techniques of meditation with a bonus breath-work technique to combat anxiety. Below is the recap:

1. AnaPana – for centering and presence

Eyes closed. Nasal breathing. Focus attention on sensations in the nostril. Bring focus back to the sensations when external distractions or thoughts arise. If thoughts are too manic, shift to a sound based technique or motion-based technique.

Reminder of “how to” is here: 

To learn the AnaPana from the source teachings of Vipassana, check out Their programs are adjusted since Covid behaviors. Here is some additional literature on the technique:


2. Chakra Toning Meditation – for grounding, purification and clarity

The tones that work for me (find what works for you):

  • Crown – Top and center of the scalp : ING, like “ding” (hold the NG)
  • 3rd Eye – Center of the forehead between eyebrows and above : AY EEE (hold the EEE after the Y)
  • Throat – Voice box : Low Eh (Like the “e” in the word “BED”. Hold the EH) 
  • Heart – Center of the chest : Aaaah (hold the “Ah” with a slightly higher pitch than you’ve been on)
  • Solar – The solar plexus : Ohw (hold the w coming of the “Oh”)
  • Sacral – 2 inches below the belly button and in the body : Orrrr (hold the the end of the tone saying “Oar” like an English person)
  • Root – The tailbone end – Engage stomach bass Uooooo (hold the ooo sound)
  • OPTIONAL : Add the OHM mantra in technique ‘3′ at the end.

Audio tone Reference : Daniel Coates / Suntara :

Audio tone Reference : Jonathan Goldman :

Visual tone Reference : 

Magical version of a toning expert :


3. Mantra Meditation – for focus, and attaining a key state or brainwave level

Repeat a tonal word, likely ancient language and repeat. Deconstruct modern words if you wish to use them…

For example:

  • “Love” would work well if you have a strong association of positive with the word, or one of the Greek versions.
  • “Evolution” sounds like “EVIL” “U” “Shone”, which contains three constructs tied to other words that may not amount to what your intention is, so if evolution is what you seek, what you truly seek is to transform, and become a greater you.
  • Some better choices for “Evolution” would be “I, AM” which has positive, grounded ancient roots beyond the scope of this follow up. It also posits your transformation as in the present.
  • Another might be “OHM / A-U-M” which carries a similar energy. There are others as well.

If you wish to use OHM as a mantra, remember to construct the sound from A, U and M sounds for the correct vibration. OHM typically resonates at 136.1Hz, which is said to be the frequency found in most of nature. The construction of these tones matter, per their original design with regard to the frequency and affect they have at the cellular level.

Music is m


4. Breathing into Visualization and Feeling – Can ‘move specific energy’ pending your ability to cultivate

Sync your breath with visualization, in a set pattern and rhythm. This is considered an intermediate / advanced technique and core to many intuitive / healing gifts:

  1. Eyes closed is optional – yet recommended for beginners.
  2. Breath while visualizing white liquid light into the heart center. Notice subtle sensations.
  3. Breath it out into the center of your palm. Notice those subtle sensations as well.
  4. Do this a number of times that feels to shift your state. Count them on the resting hand’s fingers to free your focus.
  5. Focus on a feeling of love, strength, creativity… whatever you wish for and can cultivate for yourself to magnify that aspect of you for the day.
  6. Send it down your arm, as a breathed visual, into the palm of your hand. A number of times you feel called to.
  7. Raise hand and place gently on heart.
  8. Breathe it into your heart a number of times that feels shifting.

5. General Practices of Presence / Meditation – Activity based

  • Dancing : Put on something which resonates emotionally and flow with it as you feel. Do not be led by judgments – they were formed to protect you at a time when you were growing and thought this to be correct. Anything that takes you away from loving ideas is installed dysfunction.
  • Art : Drawing and writing according to feel; opposing commercialization pressure. Simply sensory exploration and joy as the goal.
  • Exercise : Listening to the body in the form of structured motions. Experiencing each motion with presence. Feeling everything and experiencing it as if tasting wine / cheese / etc and appreciating all as if qualities and attributes. No sensation is ‘bad’ – sensations are signals. Choose to “taste”, observe and choose if a response is needed.
  • Anything else : If it’s an artistic exercise, let your feeling and impulse move you. If it’s a structured exercise, be in feeling in the sensations within the body while within the structure.

6. Anti-Anxiety – Breath-work bonus technique

For the anti-anxiety practice per class request. This is a breath-work technique sourced from the Ayurvedic practices:

7. Final Note

You are all welcome to message me with any questions about the above (see the Contact page).

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