Face your deepest fears, conquer metaphysical foes and overcome nightmares.

  • Dec 8th is part 1.
  • Dec 15th is part 2.
  • The downloadable video is a bonus content addition for those wanting to go deeper.
  • 6:30pm-8:30pm Cancun time / EST / see your timezone.
  • $60 USD / 1200 pesos total.
  • Video recording will be made available to registrants.
  • Online only; zoom link sent after payment.
  • Payment accepted only through Venmo; email for additional options (see below*).

Meet Your Monsters is a 2-part workshop + bonus download, designed to change your relationship with your fears and metaphysical experiences that can leave us shocked, traumatized and reluctant to move further in our paths.

Through this workshop, you will be guided into empowering techniques and ideas that re-frame what is commonly believed about entities, nightmares, hexes, curses and other metaphysical experiences in similar categories. Expect to gain grounded clarity in these topics as a key result.

Meet Your Monsters is an efficient, cliff-notes summary of some my favorite tips and tools.

These techniques are usually taught in my private 1-on-1 sessions, and in a smaller micro-workshop at The Light Portal retreat.

Due to an irregular spike in this category of inquiries, I’ve decided to create this workshop.

Spread across two workshops, on two separate days (December 8th and December 15th) the content, is as follows:

  1. What are entities, nightmares, demons… etc? How do you handle / avoid possessions, intense energy flushes (uncontrolled channeling), etc…
  2. Practical theories on everything from hexes, curses, bad cords, “hauntings” and the scarier side of metaphysical beings.
  3. How to change your relationships with these energies, and non-duality concepts and tools.
  4. How to truly comprehend dreams and navigate nightmares.
  5. Empowering and protection of self; theory and tools.
  6. Your voice and its magickal abilities.
  7. A guided journey into an old nightmare / fear.
  8. A guided journey to finally overcome a great metaphysical adversary, or otherwise.
  9. 30 mins Q+A time after each workshop.
  10. Added surprises…

Payment to:
Venmo @MagicMechanic

* For additional payment options, email Sammie (at) Soularcade (dot com).

Registration closes Dec 8th @ 6pm Cancun Time (EST).

This content will be made available to purchase here, later.

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