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Dr Jubb’s Blue Manna is primarily used as a tool to dissolve kidney stones over 8 weeks in a specified program. It is also used in conjunction with other supplements and practices in a full organ stone evacuation program; the instructions for this we provide for free with every order of Blue Manna.

One key ingredient; Monatomic gold, operates magnetically to harmonize the brain’s two hemispheres. This helps increase beta and alpha waves in the brain.

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Each 111g packet contains 188 servings, a 3 month supply.

Blue Manna used alone, is a tool to dissolve kidney stones over 8 weeks in a specified program. It is extremely effective at flushing out the bowels and is most powerful when used as a tool in a larger cleanse.

Regarding its ingredients per Dr David Jubb, the creator of this formula:
“Monatomic gold; this operates magnetically to harmonize the brain’s two hemispheres helping increase beta and alpha waves.”

“Monatomic Gold, is well suited to individuals beginning to cleanse body tissue and organ from debris and phosphate and clear away excess deposit in the intestine. This assists maintaining regular and healthy bowel movements.”

“Blue Manna, is a natural whole food product unique from other forms of magnesium.”

“Blue Manna, regulates blood sugar, gives nourishment to your immune system and assists to de-calcify calcium phosphate from spongiform tissue; including, the brain.”

“It provides relief from cramps, helps heal from neoplastic condition, restores proper cardiovascular function, decreases inflammation associated with many health conditions, and assists your blood pressure to return to a normal range.”

COMING SOON : Blue Manna is also part of a Deep Stone Cleanse package.

The Deep Stone Cleanse involves a program of additional practices and supplements to a result of flushing stones from a number of organs. This helps to reverse the body’s age and increase mineral absorption efficiency as if young again. The Deep Stone Cleanse is for the serious. This complete package will be offered here soon.

During the Cleanse, you would take Blue Manna daily to assist as an evacuative and keep the bowels moving four times a day.

For now, you can purchase Blue Manna and the instructions for additional product and practices needed for the Deep Stone Cleanse, will be provided as a free addition.

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