I perform a range of services on a sliding scale pending the person.

  • Psychic Reading 
  • Energetic System Reading
  • Energetic Circuitry Alignment
  • Guided Self-Healing
  • House Clearing
  • Ritual Magick Working
  • Teaching Metaphysical Systems and Techniques in the context of your life and work

The aim of this work to empower the individual. and free you from destructive / draining emotional patterns. Ultimately, you leave the session changed and with new tools to use in your personal evolution.

The techniques I use are a mix of practices from various systems and a few personal creations.

My techniques are free of dogma / religion, and are solely rooted in instructions given by spirit and intuition, while giving you a sense of your own empowerment in the process. Sometimes people will ask for a specific technique. If that works and is what you really need, I’m happy to perform it.

Ultimately; I work as the equivalent of an electrician who realigns your energy body to receive the universal energy (some refer to as ‘Source’ or ‘Chi’) through your body. I give you guidance to develop this for yourself. This has been found historically to clear many physical issues, such as pain and illnesses from the body and the mind.

My goal is to help you develop to the point where you no longer need my help.

Also : I am not medically certified. I am not a doctor. 

Want to see how others experienced my work? Go here: https://www.soulhardware.com/testimonials/

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Psychic Reading

Psychic readings are an interconnection with subtle energies in your field and body, and a decoding to instruct you as to your present state and how that seeks to manifest in your present life.

Energy System Reading

Energy System Readings share a thread with psychic readings, though the information is relayed back to you from the perspective of reviewing the flow of energy in your system. This often leads to insights about your subconscious and deep inner workings of mind pattern. What arises from this reading is a knowing of one’s innate intuitive gifts and how to quantify and develop them clearly. Due to emotional development and psychic work being inter-linked, this often connects with a core personal issue and the guidance in how to overcome of it. 

Energy Circuitry Alignment

Energy Circuit Alignments are a strange mix of plumbing and circuit optimization happening at the subtle energy level. Imagine functioning through a circuit that is wired to use up more energy than required, or is otherwise non optimal. Using a mix of techniques, we work to correct and align your circuit to its natural functioning form, so your energy levels return and you experience a sense of what your circuit feels like when it’s running optimally. These sessions are more sensory in person and subtler remotely. Regardless of location, responses are always favorable.

Guided Self-Healing

Through a mix of techniques, we guide you through your own emotional healing journey. I mix energy reading, somatics, trance work (like hypnotism), shamanic guidance techniques and energetics to assist your process.

House Clearing

An often extensive, sometimes day(s) long effort to correct the energetics of your home or location. A haunted house is not unlike a ‘haunted’ human, save for the scale of interaction; energetic saturations occur in certain locations, where results of said saturations arise problematic dynamics. Clearing a house, is simply the act of knowing how to, and transforming those energetic problem areas.

Ritual Magick Work

A scaleable effort toward an objective. I don’t approve or partake in acts of harm or disrespect of another person. I generally assist with emotional healing, physical healing, relationship repair and financial challenges, all of which are connected anyway.

Teaching / Mentoring

A custom tuition program, most commonly designed around your personal gift alignments, threaded through pathways for resolving a present personal challenge.