The aim of this work to empower and free you from a destructive / draining emotional pattern. Ultimately, you leave the session changed and with new tools to use in your personal evolution.

The techniques I use are a mix of practices from various systems and a few personal creations.

My process is this:

  • I read you remotely and share the information I get.
  • I prescribe a treatment.
  • I get your consent to begin work.

My techniques are free of dogma / religion, and are solely rooted in instructions given by spirit and intuition, while giving you a sense of your own empowerment in the process. Sometimes people will ask for a specific technique. If that works and is what you really need, I’m happy to perform it.

Ultimately; I work as the equivalent of an electrician who realigns your energy body to receive the universal energy (some refer to as ‘Source’ or ‘Chi’) through your body. I give you guidance to develop this for yourself. This has been found historically to clear many physical issues, such as pain and illnesses from the body and the mind.

My highest goal is to help you develop to the point where you no longer need my help.

I’m writing this last bit for legal reasons : None of my methods are FDA approved. I am not a doctor.


If you simply want a reading, I do those at a rate of $2 a minute and can do those remote or in person.

A particular style of read I do is a “what am I naturally built to do” read; I read your energy and give you an answer based on that. It’s often something that is threaded through someone’s life in a way that becomes incredibly clear and ‘remembered’ during the read, if it’s been forgotten.


Healing work (remote), Calibration (so you can do energy healing), Remote Reads (remote), House/Building Clearings, Manifestation Rituals (money, etc…).

I teach self-healing, ritual magic, energy work and meditation techniques. Custom solutions.

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