A psychic development class

Beginning Thursday March 2nd, 2023!

9am-11am Los Angeles time / 12pm-2pm Cancun time / 5pm-7pm London time 

The program that helps you bring your vague control of intuition into a deliberate, focusable skill you can cultivate, improve and master with confidence.

At the end of this program, you will be able to confidently use your tools to read for those you care for, and evaluate personal circumstances.

  1. Evolve your psychic ability to a reliable, repeatably useful level.
  2. Take your psychic skills and tech I’ll share to enhance your relationships!
  3. Upgrade your human experience and see results!
  4. Learn to enhance relationships by assisting those you care about with your reads!

8 weeks / 2 months total : $400 USD

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL : $300USD if you sign up before Feb 18th

To sign up, email sammie@soularcade.com

She will send you payment details and other vitals.

What the Sixth Sense Special Program 1 will provide…

  • Me at Your Service : I will host live 2-hr workshops and guide you personally.
  • Experience and Support : Support for the experiences you’ve had since opening your psychic skills!
  • Pragmatic Tools : We give you many techniques and practices to develop and play with.
  • Group Practices : Enjoy group practices to develop and explore your variant(s) of psychic ability.
  • Strong Foundations : Use the homework you’re given to develop in the direction you desire.
  • Support Group via Phone : Take advantage of a supportive environment of friends and soul fam, accessible daily from your phone.
  • Recordings : Use and enjoy recorded content of guided techniques.
  • Quality Wisdom : Special guests giving their thoughts and favorite ideas.
  • The Summoning Lemon : Call upon loving help from your crew when you’re having tough times.
  • Life Tips : Integrate our learnings from the workshops into every day life.
  • Trackable Progress : Share your progress among peers, with tracking sheets, the WhatsApp group and live video calls.

How the content is provided to you, delightful psychonauts

  • 8 x 2hr live group sessions : 8 x 2hr live group sessions hosted by The Magick Mechanic!
  • Content for those who miss classes! : You get a “static subject” provided to test your reading abilities on, and confirmation will be provided by them, after you submit your hits.
  • 8 weekly check-ins : in our Whatsapp Support Group!
  • Pre-Recorded Techniques : A selection of pre-recorded guided exercises, videos and audios.
  • Constant Access to Support : WhatsApp support group for the entire duration!

The Exact Schedule

  • THURSDAYS ARE LIVE : 8 x 2hr live group sessions : Live on Zoom, and hosted by The Magick Mechanic / Daniel on Thursdays, exact time 12pm-2pm Cancun time. Those who cannot attend Live will get recordings access, complete with “offline” exercises so they can still participate and practice the techniques.
  • MONDAYS ARE CHILL : 8 weekly check-ins : Every Monday… you deliver your answers in the Whatsapp channel at your convenience that same day. We all learn from each other’s open shares.
  • ANY DAY for Pre-Recorded Reference Material : A selection of pre-recorded guided exercises, videos and audios are accessible at all times, from the beginning.
  • ANY TIME for the WhatsApp support group : This exists for the entire duration.
  • Live Sessions will be on March 2nd, March 9th, March 16th, March 23rd, April 6th, April 13th, April 20th, and April 27th.

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