A modified version of an energizing, self-healing technique I taught in Pai is online! This session is donation-based, meaning if you’re thin on cash, you’re still welcome to attend.

More about the technique when you click below!

Join us on Wednesday August 5th at the following times:

  • 7pm British Standard Time
  • 11am Pacific Standard Time
  • 2am Bali Time

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The Experience and Technique:
We begin first by calibrating you to the rhythm of centering you with visualization and breathing. This is an essential foundation stone for activating the internal software inherent in all humans (based on my personal experiences). Breathing and visualizing are two key controls to moving and transmitting energy in the body, among other things.

In all self-healing techniques I teach that are active, the practitioner establishes these foundations first, and we do this in a very short time (5 minutes).

Once the foundation is laid, we move on to the main technique. In the technique, you are guided to moving energy through your body, and connecting with the larger ‘grid’ circuitry, as if you are a node in a giant electrical circuit. You also give the energetic centers, as defined by various systems like Ayurveda and Toltec – a clearing and a charging up.

At the end of it, you feel reconnected to yourself, the larger universe and either tired from clearing emotional heaviness, or energized from being reconnected. Anxiety you came in with is eradicated.

This runs about 120 minutes and people often come out of it drastically shifted from how they stepped in.

Experiences tend to fall in to the following categories:

  • Heavy emotional releases
  • Light releases leading to a heavier one (that tends to come a day or two after)
  • Energizing and “buzz”-iness
  • Unity consciousness expansion
  • Intuition / Phenomena events (feeling or seeing more unusual experiences)

You can do it laying or sitting, just make sure you have some tissue and a notepad and pen aside you.

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